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 The Guardian: The decision of Seychelles to withdraw its recognition of the SADR is courageous   4/17/2008

The decision of the Government of Seychelles to withdraw its recognition of the so-called RASD is a "courageous action" which should be welcomed, "said Nigerian newspaper The Guardian, in its last Sunday issue. According to the newspaper, African history analysts "have always clearly maintained that Western Sahara is part of the Kingdom of Morocco", pointing out that external forces have forced African countries to recognize the RASD, which led Morocco to withdraw from the Organisation of African Unity (now the African Union). The newspaper said that the Republic of Seychelles has stressed in a letter on March 18 to the commission of the African Union,


 Morocco shares Ban's view that realism, compromise alone can succeed Sahara talks  4/17/2008

 Morocco shares the view of the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, that only realism, and the spirit of compromise can allow negotiations to solve the 32-year old dispute over the Sahara to succeed, said a communiqué of Morocco's Permanent Mission to the United Nations, issued on Wednesday in New York.


 Thaw in Moroccan-Algerian relations hinges on overcoming Algerian political blockades   4/16/2008

Thaw in Moroccan-Algerian relations hinges on overcoming the political blockades and the psychological obstacles of the Algerian leaders, said, here Tuesday, Moroccan Foreign minister, Taieb Fassi Fihri.


 The Moroccan delegation present autonomy initiative, on the sidelines of the IPU 118th session   4/16/2008

The Moroccan delegation outlined the Moroccan autonomy initiative in the southern provinces, on the sidelines of the 118th annual session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, held during April 13-18 April in Cape Town (South West of South Africa). In a statement to the press, Mr. Ahmed Cherkaoui, 3rd vice president of the House of Councillors, who met with several delegations, said that "this initiative is regarded by the international community as the ideal solution to this artificial conflict that has lasted for 32 years, because of Algeria and Polisario. "Mr. Cherkaoui also pointed out that this solution is perfectly in line with the UN resolutions and international legality and preserves the territorial integrity of the kingdom ".


 Panamanian paper: autonomy has initiated an "alternative process to the current impasse"   4/15/2008

The Moroccan initiative to grant enlarged autonomy to the Sahara provinces has initiated an "alternative process to the current impasse", according to “La Estrella de Panama". While highlighting the momentum in economic and social development in the Sahara region, the newspaper says, in its edition of Saturday, that the Security Council of the United Nations approved a resolution in which it described the efforts of Morocco as "serious and credible". The newspaper also says that the establishment of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) "led by prominent Sahrawi personalities," in order to promote all-round development in this part of the Kingdom.


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