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 The Belgian humanitarian mission is interested in the children situation in the Tindouf camps   10/8/2007

The chairman of the Belgian humanitarian mission concerning the violation of children ‘s rights in Tindouf camps , the Federal member of parliament Denis Ducarne indicated that the testimony that the mission listened to last Saturday, gives it  the desire to be more interested in the children situation.Mr Ducarne who gave a press conference last Monday at Rabat with the other members of the mission, made it clear that his team intends to make direct contacts with “ a number of people who are said to be victims of deportation to Cuba by


 A negotiable political solution only will allow putting an end to the Sahara question   10/4/2007

The foreign affairs and regional cooperation minister of Burkina fasso Mr Djibrill Yipene Bassole, reiterated on Tuesday the conviction of his country that “ a negotiable political solution only will allow putting an end to the Sahara question” he congratulated Morocco for its efforts to initiate talks about this issue. “We congratulate the Moroccan government for initiating direct talks with the Polisario front about the future of the Western Sahara” Mr Bassole asserted in his speech before the 62nd session of the general assembly of the UN. He added


 The Sahara question is at the agenda of the Security Council, on the 26th and 31st of October   10/3/2007

The president of the UN Security Council for this month, the Ghanian ambassador, Ghaneen Leslie Kojo christian indicated last Tuesday that the Security Council will make consultations about the Sahara issue on the 26th October. Members of the council will adopt on the 31st of this month a resolution concerning the MINORSO, of which the mandate will expire the same day, specified the Ghanian diplomat during a press conference at the UN headquarter. It is notable that the general secretary of the UN will hand over his report


  Mr Guterres: “Without a political commitment, refugees will never see the end of their sufferings”  10/3/2007

The high commissioner of the United Nations for refugees Mr Antonio Guterres asserted that “without any political commitment, refugees will never see the end of their sufferings” underlining that “when we visit refugee camp in Sudan, Nepal, Kenya, or when we travel to Tindouf in Algeria, it appears clear that we have to go beyond the commitments, in order to improve the living conditions on the camps”


 Morocco maintains its request of a credible census of detained in the Tindouf camps   10/2/2007

Morocco maintains its request of a credible and objective census of Moroccan nationals detained in the Tindouf camps, and formulates its request to the high refugee commission to elaborate a report dealing with this issue, identifying obstacles, responsibilities, and indicating perspectives of implementing such census, asserts the ambassador representative of the kingdom of Morocco at the UN office in Geneva Mr Mohamed Loulichki .


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