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 Godfathers of the Mauritanian initiative to support the Moroccan autonomy proposal greet the royal s  8/2/2007

The godfathers of the initiative to support the Moroccan autonomy proposal concerning the Sahara created by a group of Mauritanian intellectuals and executives greeted the speech pronounced by his majesty the King Mohammed VI.

In a statement made to the press on Wednesday by the chairman of this initiative Mr Mohamed Lamine Ould Mohamed Al hanafi, he congratulated himself, on behalf of members of this initiative the royal speech, which he said tackled all aspects in relation with the politics of the region, as well as means to strengthen the unity, and stability of the Maghreb Arab countries.


 Sahara issue: Morocco 'ready to negotiate autonomy, nothing but autonomy', King  7/31/2007
 King Mohammed VI, on Monday, made it clear that Morocco will negotiate only autonomy, in a bid to solve the 32 year-old Sahara dispute, opposing the North African country to the Algerian-backed separatist movement "the Polisario", over the control of the former Spanish colony."Ishould like , on your behalf, to stress that Morocco is committed to serious negotiation on the basis of the two following elements : first, having taken part , in good faith, in the first round of negotiations,(june18-19 in Manhasset, Newyork) Morocco is and will remain ready to negotiate an autonomy, and nothing but autonomy

 The Republic of Green Cape freezes its recognition of the "Sahraoui Republic"   7/31/2007

The Republic of green cape announced its decision to freeze its recognition of the “RASD”.this decision was announced by the green Cape foreign affairs minister Mr Victor Borges.  “The present situation requires a position in conformity with the evolution of the process and within the spirit of the United Nations security council, 1754 resolution» declared the Green Cape foreign affairs minister during a press conference.
“This decision comes from the willingness to search coherence with the process of negotiation and constitutes a signal to parties concerned.


 Creation of a section of the advisory council of human rights at Laayoune  7/27/2007

The chairman of the advisory council of human rights Mr Ahmed Herzenni has inaugurated last Thursday the headquarter of the advisory council of human rights section at Laayoune. Mr Herzanni and the delegation that accompanied him composed of the referee of “Diwan al madhalim” Mr Moulay M’hamed Iraki, and Mr Mahjoub El Haiba the general secretary of the advisory council of HR, and the governor of the region Laayoune-Boujdour-sakia-El hamra Mr M’hammed Dreyf, in addition to a number of elected, and human rights activists.


 A senate Chilean delegation meets local elected sahrawis in Laayoune   7/26/2007

 Members of an important Chilean senate delegation, who are visiting Morocco, flew last Wednesday to Laayoune. During their meeting with members of the council of the region of Laayoune- Boujdour-Sakia-Elhamra, as well as with members of the city council MR Munoz-Barra who is also the chairman of the Chilean –Moroccan friendship group confirmed the full support of his country to the Moroccan territorial integrity “all historical and legal and cultural data prove that the Sahara is Moroccan” he added “we are more than of ever convinced


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